My School Year is Ruined – Now What?!

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Featured, Gap Year, Independent Living, Internships

You just found out your school is closed tentatively until April or May and now what?  During this uncertain and unsettling time, the fear of the unknown is real.  In addition to social distancing and staying healthy/ safe you may be thinking…

  • What about my senior year grades?
  • If colleges are closed will I still get an admissions decision from them?
  • What if I never got to visit some of the colleges I was accepted into, May 1st is around the corner!
  • The school year ended so abruptly, should I take a gap year?  Is it too late to apply?

Let’s try and help you work through some of these fears and anxieties!

What about my senior year grades?

A lot of high schools are still helping students complete work via Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other online resources so you may be able to complete outstanding assignments.  If you are not able to get work done from home perhaps email your teachers (most teachers are available remotely) to see what can be done before in-person classes happen again.  Colleges understand that the school year has taken an untraditional twist and should be understanding to the situation we are all living through.  When in doubt, email the college admissions office to explain your concerns.  Most college offices are working remotely to try and help current and prospective families so you’re not alone.

If colleges are closed will I still get an admissions decision from them?

Here are some things that might be helpful to know about how admissions offices may be operating right now:

  • Most colleges are working remotely to help students through the admissions process
  • While college campuses may be closed most offer virtual tours on their website
  • Financial aid offices are working remotely and can be emailed
  • When in doubt email the admissions office or call to try and get a pulse as to their protocol for acceptances and financial aid packages
  • Most high school guidance counselors and teachers are working remotely so they should still be able to help with recommendation forms, transcripts and inquiries- you don’t know until you try!

What if I never got to visit some of the colleges I was accepted into, May 1st is around the corner!

Unfortunately, lots of colleges have had to cancel upcoming accepted student days but that doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck.  Once things settle down colleges will most likely reschedule these events to get you back on campus before you have to make a decision for fall 2020.  Several colleges are extending their May 1st deposit deadline knowing that students are not in a position where they can make a commitment in the next few weeks.  Take this time to do as much homework as you can and connect with an athletic office, admissions office, financial aid office, etc. to get a lot of your questions answered.  Remember you are not the only young adult facing these concerns and questions right now and colleges are working hard to get you a decision.

The school year ended so abruptly, should I take a gap year?  Is it too late to apply?

With the crazy shift in your school year, you may be wondering if taking a gap year will help you learn and mature outside of an academic setting.  Since you weren’t able to finish the school year and all of the end of the year perks, you feel like you’re missing out.  Did you know that a gap year can fulfill those curiosities of life and living?  Maybe you have a calling to travel abroad to explore or maybe you want some hands-on practical learning in an internship.  Dynamy is a domestic gap year in Massachusetts that focuses on career exploration through internships and independent, apartment-style, living that can help you achieve the independence and guidance you may be lacking right now.

Dynamy and other gap year programs are rolling admissions so it’s not too late to start the exploration process of taking a gap year in the fall.  Contact us now to see if a gap year might be right for you!

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