What is a Gap Year?

A gap year is a semester or full year of experiential learning typically taken between high school graduation and college enrollment. Gap years are intended to give students a break from academics to discover themselves and consider what kind of education and career they want to pursue.

Benefits of a Gap Year

Personal Growth

Discover hidden passions

Develop & achieve personal goals

Build self-awareness

Boost confidence, maturity & independence

Educational clarity

Find personal happiness

Social Growth

Develop independent living skills

Unique life experiences

Global awareness

Build soft skills

Have fun & build meaningful friendships

Become a more engaged citizen

Academic Growth

Higher 4-year graduation rate

Exploration of career interests & college major

Opportunity to refocus & decompress after high school

Boost career opportunities & build a professional resume

Why Gap Time? + Why Dynamy?

98% of students say their gap year helped them improve their maturity and confidence.

60% say their gap year confirmed or helped them discover their choice of career or college major.

80% of Dynamy applicants identify as academically burned out from the traditional classroom.

88% of Dynamy students identify as college bound but do not yet feel that they are college ready.

Dynamy Alumni Outcomes

Reasons Students Choose Dynamy


80% of Dynamy students identify as feeling academically burned out from the traditional classroom.


75% of Dynamy students identify as hands-on learners that benefit from real world experiences and mentorship.

Unsure of
College Major

85% of Dynamy students feel unsure of their college major and seek hands on experiences through professional internships.

Executive Functioning Skills

70% of Dynamy students express a need to strengthen essential skills such as organization & time management before college.