A One of a Kind Gap Year Experience

Dynamy Internship Year (DIY) is a domestic, long-standing gap-year program created for students ages 17-22 who want to pursue a unique, hands-on learning experience. Taking a personalized approach to learning, we provide students with a year “on”, filled with meaningful opportunities to gain real-world work experience, explore career interests, and build critical life skills before taking life’s next steps. Our approach helps students build the confidence and skills critical for success in college, a career, or whatever else their future may hold!

If you’re a student looking for a semester or year-long hiatus from traditional classroom learning to explore the world around you, reflect on personal values and create meaningful goals, or maybe you just learn best through tactile, hands-on learning experiences, then search no further – You’ve found the right place! Following an innovative experiential education model, Dynamy Internship Year is designed for students who are ready to further their strengths and skillsets, increase their confidence, and create a plan for their future that makes sense to them. Each day here, students live, work, and intentionally “create their own life” in a positive community with the support of student-focused advisors who help to buffer the transition to adulthood.

While internships are at Dynamy Internship Year’s core, the program is a complete 360° experience—from internships, to outdoor challenges, to one-on-one mentoring, to community involvement and apartment life – a holistic approach designed to help each student pursue their interests and passions, discover their full potential, and find their direction! So, if hands-on learning and creating your own life with confidence sounds exciting to you, Dynamy Internship Year may be the perfect next step on your big adventure!

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Read some of our frequently asked questions

What if I don’t know what internships I want to do?

Don’t worry! We hear this often. Many students coming into Dynamy are unsure of their internship path or even where they want to start. Dynamy has a trusted team of advisors that can help you navigate the process and find an internship that will be a good fit for you. Part of Internship Year is exploration and gaining a better understanding of your interest and passions.


What is the age range for Dynamy?

Dynamy students are 17-22 years old. Many students attend Dynamy right after graduating high school- others come after a few semesters of college. Whatever your recent path may be, you should apply if you feel ready! The most important factor for a successful Internship Year is the motivation to work with supportive advisors, like-minded peers, and real-world internships.


Can you help me figure out next steps after Dynamy?

We understand transitions can be hard, especially trying to make plans for next steps. Dynamy advisers work with students throughout the year to discuss and assist with future planning. Additionally, Dynamy has a part-time college counselor on our team to help students navigate the college process from individual classes to colleges and universities.