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by | Sep 20, 2013 | Blog

As an Admission Director, I have seen hundreds of families through our admission office. I love knowing how families find Dynamy and start their gap year experience. As we connect and share, I discover a common thread that I hear from prospective families- a hope to experience a feeling of success. That is powerful.

Dynamy is a place for hope, open exploration, self-direction, and growth. Please understand I am not saying that Dynamy is magical or the answer to all things, but I do believe that for the right student this experience is the launching point for inspiration.

There will be difficult moments along any student’s path and they may even face some of those moments at Dynamy. Those are the moments that can shape an individual, next steps and personal goals. I’ve seen our staff of advisors guiding students along these hardships- not fixing or saving, but truly guiding. As student’s find themselves in those difficult moments it is clear that their lives have somehow become their own to shape. This is also powerful.

As you consider Dynamy, consider the moments that will help you gain insight on the person you want to be. Do you think outside the box? Are you really feeling lost or unmotivated by all the traditional options? Are you constantly wondering about what you want to do the rest of your life and unable to reach a concrete answer? If any of those moments sound familiar give yourself the chance to step outside the box and look at a gap year.

Dynamy will not be the answer for every student, but I encourage you not to limit your possibilities. We always say that you will get what you put into Dynamy.

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